The spirit of creativity is alive and well on this episode with Zeke and Komplex who are underground rock and hip-hop artists in Tennessee. The childh...View Details

You might not be ready for this interview! Reid the Outlaw comes and drops bombs on the Music Producer’s Treasure Box community all the way from The D...View Details

Have you ever been curious about what kind of music a Jiu Jitsu studio owning guy from Connecticut who now lives in Florida and listens to jazz would ...View Details

In this solo episode FERMI sits down and celebrates a milestone - 40 episodes of the podcast. But he also explains the reason for a brief hiatus and h...View Details

FERMI sits down with Nomi $hanya from Amsterdam and discusses the upcoming artist's music and studies in sound design. The young artist is inspired by...View Details

Some musicians bloom late, or put down their instruments in exchange for ‘real life’ jobs and ‘success.’ But for so many people, they realize at some ...View Details

FERMI sits down and talks with Austin the Manager AKA ‘the guy with the shoe phone.’ Tune in to find out what’s up with the shoe phone as well as much...View Details

Fresh Finds February: Bringing you Upcoming and New artists from the underground! ----more---- Janger is a new artist reigning from LA but currently a...View Details

Fresh Finds February: Bringing to you upcoming acts and new artists from the underground! ----more---- FERMI and Ciryus sit down to discuss his music ...View Details

This week we take a look behind the scenes of a new app available for artists to get exposed and for fans to find unsigned favorites. The app is space...View Details

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