Enjoy this week’s episode with the laid back and pensive producer Keynan whose go to instrument, the rhodes piano, perfectly fits his chill persona. T...View Details

RA$ is a producer and artist from Miami, FL. He is the owner and director of Plugged In Records and thinks big about his role in the music industry we...View Details

In this interview, FERMI connects with friend and fellow musician Freemoor on many topics related to musicianship, branding, singing and songwriting. ...View Details

Producer Illmind is a shining representation of what the future of the music business can look like. Illmind has worked as a beatmaker, producer, and ...View Details

This holiday season I invite everyone to take a moment for self care, reflection, and renewed focus. New Year’s Resolutions are for chumps in my opini...View Details

Straight from the Pacific Northwest, the futuristic sounds of Lonely Together come pounding through the speakers and successfully merge an array of ge...View Details

This week’s episode features the king of offer creation: Steven J. Larsen. Steve is the creator of the live event Offer Mind and always well known as ...View Details

POSTIVE ZAP! The prolific producer Rusty Joints stops by the show today to discuss beat-making and his approach to bringing sample-based tracks to lif...View Details

It's the 25th episode of the Music Producer's Treasure Box podcast. Today we continue to look back at some of the highlights from the show so far duri...View Details

As we close in on 25 episodes of the podcast, FERMI looks back at some of the highlights and pulls up some of the most impactful insights during this ...View Details

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